The story of BellaU79  is the kind that tells us to follow our hearts, listen to our instincts, and let free our hidden talent

For Bella, it all started on her 40th birthday, envisioning a very particular and unique piece of jewelry. A signature piece as a gift to herself.

Seeing her desire, Bella’s spouse suggested that she ought to learn to make it herself, and by doing so, give herself an even greater gift.
She took his advice, enrolled in classes, and took her first steps toward what would become not only a new profession but a passion.

With her naturally artistic eye and a clear vision of the road ahead, Bella embarked on a personal journey of design and creation. She played, experimented with, and learned about different techniques, tools, and materials. While one thing was clear from the very beginning: Bella quickly fell under the spell of Earthly Element AU 79 – which we know as Gold. 

The process of making a new piece begins with a glimpse, an intuition of something coming into the light, This leads to research into materials, textures, the way a nugget of raw gold or uncut stone feels in her hands. Then creation follows, with every piece a forged in fire, molded by hand, fashioned delicately into being with the finest attention to detail – until it emerges into the world: Flawless, brilliant, and unique.

 Each of Bella’s pieces is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted from raw materials imparted by Mother Nature, and lovingly honed to perfection by Bella.